Not Your Traditional Bridal Shower

by | Milestone Events

A bridal shower-doesn’t it seem like a wonderful tradition where brides get spoiled with gifts? Well, it didn’t used to be. Bridal Showers originating in Holland were birthed when fathers refused a dowry to their future son-in-law. As a result, the brides friends and family, who felt sorry for her, would shower her with the things she needed.

Nowadays, a bridal shower is an opportunity for family, friends and community to help equip the couple as they begin their lives together. While this beautiful and time honoured practice works for many couples, for some, the traditional version of a bridal shower doesn’t fit the bill.

Have you been to so many bridal showers that the thought of shower games makes you want to hide? Or maybe you want to hide because the thought of opening presents in front of a group make your heart race! Or maybe you have lived on your own and you don’t need any of the traditional bridal shower gifts. Well don’t worry, we have some ideas to help make this day  congenial. Like your wedding, your bridal shower should be an event catered to you. Here are a few ideas to make your bridal shower enjoyable for you and your guests.

Regular Gift Alternatives

Would you love to have a bridal shower but are worried that you will have nothing to put on your registry? Not to worry! If your house is already equipped with kitchen gear, ask guests to bring gift cards. Provide a few examples of places that would be appreciated-like restaurants, movies, or a home improvement store. People are coming to your shower, to “shower” you with love and help in a practical way. Gifting you with a date night or money to renovate your place will allow people to give a gift that won’t just sit in the basement storage unit. While there might be a few noses out of joint, you can’t please everyone, and this is YOUR shower!

An additional benefit to receiving gift cards is that you don’t need to open gifts in front of everyone. Please don’t make everyone sit through an hour of you opening gift cards (snooze fest!) A general thank you and re-iteration of how the gifts will be a blessing as your begin your married life will suffice.

Activities instead of Games

If the thought of bridal shower games makes you nauseous, don’t fear, there are plenty of alternatives available. Everyone loves to give advice to the bride-to-be. Incorporate this feature in the shower by replacing games with suggestion boxes. A date night suggestion box is a great way to keep a lifetime of marriage spicy and fresh. Buy a large mason jar and hand out slips of paper to guests as they arrive. Encourage guests to be creative as they write down the best dates they can dream up! Once completed, have guests fold the paper and place it in the jar.

An advice book is a thoughtful thing to give to a bride. During the shower guests can fill out a page containing three things. First, marriage advice; second, well wishes for the couple; third, a favourite memory. This will be sure to get a lot of laughs and tears from everyone in attendance!

If you are really feeling like being created, you can plan a specific group activity for the shower. Think of things that represent you or you and your fiancée- maybe a wine and cheese tasting? A make-up tutorial? A flower arrangement class? Karaoke? Have fun and make your shower memorable for you and your guests.

Making your Shower hassle-free

Once you have figured out the format for your shower, think through how to make it as hassle-free as possible. Delegate activities by having one person in charge of music, another in charge of food, etc. There will always be more that you can do, but remember, the shower is a time to talk with your guests so make sure you aren’t running the show. Consider renting out a venue where you can leave the mess behind!

Have you heard about The Spare Room at Fleetway? It is a great venue option as it is a contemporary design with lots of natural light, provides free parking, a separate entrance, two onsite private bathrooms, and offers two onsite locations where food can be purchased from. You are also able to bring any outside food in! Additionally, the room is licensed which makes it another great place to officially celebrate with a bubbly toast!

Most importantly, remember that everyone is there to celebrate YOU! As long as you are happy they will be too!