Toddler’s Birthday Party

by | Birthdays

Planning the first few birthday parties of your child’s life can be an overwhelming task. All the family wants to attend; children invited come often come with their parents and siblings. Trying to keep everyone entertained while making sure the guest of honour enjoys, is enough to make any parent stressed!


Judah’s parents chose to hold his second birthday party at The Spare Room because they wanted to ensure there would be enough space and seats for all 60 guests. Having a February birthday presented a challenge because all activities needed to take place inside. Also, not having to clean up their house (before or after the event) made the decision to hold it at The Spare Room an easy one. The room provided a large open area with enough space to dedicate a section to food and eating, and another area for activities for the children. Parents were able to socialize and enjoy the event all while keeping an eye on the young ones.


Choosing a theme was easy since Judah’s favourite activity is bowling! So of course, his party had to be bowling themed. The Party Girls Co. organized the cake, dessert bar and decorations which made for a stress-free set up for mom and dad!


Food is often a highlight at any party, and this party was no different! Judah’s parents kept it simple with pizza, drinks and dessert; something both the kids and adults enjoyed! With Pizza Projekt in-house, ordering was hassle-free and delicious! It also allowed them to order on the spot when they realized certain pizzas were going quicker than others! Pizza Projekt was very accommodating and convenient. For dessert, the beautiful display of cake and treats set up by Party Girls Co. was both beautiful and delicious! Everyone went home stuffed and happy.


Since there were children from different age groups, Judah’s parents set up a mini-bowling station, a soccer net and a bouncy castle that ensured everyone was entertained (including the parents!) Kids did not want to go home!

Judah had an amazing birthday party and not surprisingly, Judah’s favourite day of the year is now his birthday!